Run AVL Group

Beginner to Intermediate Summer Training Program

Starting the week of July 13, 2015 we will be using a 12 week training schedule for three different distances; a half marathon (Cherokee Half), an 8k (Thomas Wolfe 8k), and a Marathon (this program will be 16 weeks). Each participant chooses their race distance. Download a monthly suggestion of mileage and runs here.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Kingsbury at email or Carol Zucca

The Beginning Runners start with a continuous 3 mile run and will be scheduled for a 10% mileage increase during the long run each week!

There will be five runs each week:

We will send an email notice describing where and when we will meet. Usually these runs meet at 8:00 am and three different distances (training for a 8k, half, and full marathon) will be scheduled.

We will meet at 8:30am at the Bent Creek Ledford parking lot.
This is a recovery run and to teach the body to run tired. If a participant missed a Saturday run it will be a great opportunity to get a run in! Your time- your miles.


We meet 5:30 pm at Carrier Park. Participants can cater the distance to meet their own needs. It is our “work to be stronger fun!” We will show all those new to these workouts how it’s done.

This day is an extra run on your own. The mileage is high because it’s for the marathon group. However, three miles will do wonders for your training!!

We meet 5:30 pm at Carrier Park. This is a short easy run.


So, there are many wonderful training plans out there. Our purpose is to train to run strong.

If we are traveling someplace then we will meet and carpool. Fun places with fun people.
Look at the attached training plan. There might be one or two runs you would like to do!

Bent Creek Run AVL 2014

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