The Asheville Track Club was founded over forty years ago and has supported the local running community with competitions, education, training programs, racing information, social events, cash donations to running causes and more. As with many grass roots organizations,  all of this has been accomplished through the hard work and dedication of the ATC boards and club members who over the years volunteered their time and talents to make it happen. 

Your Track Club has reached a crossroads and we find ourselves with more and more competition for the services we provide and with fewer and fewer members and resources to support them.

Therefore, beginning in 2019, the club is proposing to restructure itself as a non-membership based advocacy organization that will continue its mission to support the ideals of running and those who foster them.

We will do this in several ways. One is by recognizing the efforts of others in the local running community who have made a significant contribution to our sport. Several years ago we launched the “Spirit of Running” award and we will continue this annual recognition program.

Also, the ATC has set up and funded a “Living Healthy” fund as part of the WNC Community Foundation. Through this fund we will continue to make donations to 501C3 organizations that demonstrate a commitment to our mission.

We will continue to provide scholarships to deserving students who have excelled in academics, as well as track and field. And we will continue providing shoes to needy kids engaged in the sport of running.

Last but not least, we will be an advocate and a resource for others who share our mission. We have many years of experience in the local running community and many contacts which to draw on.

The new Asheville Track Club will continue under the auspices of the current board of directors, but will include at least one additional new and rotating member selected from the running community each year.

Thank you again for all of your past and future support of the Asheville Track Club.

The ATC Board of Directors

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