The Asheville Track Club is guided by four officers and a seven member executive committee which, together, act in good faith and in the best interest of our organization.


John Blexrud – President [contact John]

John Blexrud – President

John didn’t start running until 13 years ago when he turned 50. He has run 15 marathons since, but enjoys the middle distance races (10K, 15K and half-marathons) best. John joined the Track Club to meet new runners when he moved to Asheville from Orlando Florida three years ago. Running in the mountains is more interesting and challenging, but flatlanders can relax and day dream instead of watching for rocks and roots. The benefits of running are many, especially improved mental and physical health. It’s also a great social activity, especially when you join an organization like the Asheville Track Club. John’s goal is to some day run the Boston Marathon.

Stephanie Wallace – Vice President [contact Stepahnie]

Stephanie is employed by ArtSpace Charter School and is a marathon runner. As a part of her job, she coordinates hundreds of volunteers and organizes events/fundraisers for the Community Partnership. She is also a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

Dolly McLean – Treasurer [contact Dolly]

Dolly McLean – Treasurer

Dolly’s brother ran Cross Country at TC Roberson and when it was her turn to go to TCR she did the same thing. Dolly has been running over 30 years with a few breaks in between. She has run for different reasons over the years and now runs to stay healthy and chat on the trails. She was a member of the track club in the 1980s but during one of her breaks dropped her membership. Dolly rejoined the track club in 1998 when she wanted to run Shut In again and has remained a member ever since.

Sherry Roane – Secretary [contact Sherry]

After being an avid walker for years, Sherry started running 8 years ago because the races looked like a lot of fun. They are and most weekends she can find a race to run! Sherry not only discovered how wonderful running is, but how wonderful the Asheville running community is. A Western North Carolina native, Sherry is the branch manager at West Asheville Library   


Janet Bensley [contact Janet]

Janet is originally from Northern California and competed in gymnastics throughout high school and college. She began running in 1980 and completed several half marathons and one marathon that year. A career move to Southern California and then Vermont interrupted any consistent running endeavors for the next 30 years. Janet and her husband moved to Asheville in 2011, at which time she took up running again. She joined the Asheville Track Club in 2012 to meet friends and share running adventures. Janet splits her time between employment with The Biltmore Company, running, and visiting with family and friends.

Victor G. Dostrow [contact Victor]

Victor is a neurologist (epileptologist, actually) who finally had time to resume running the day he turned 50, after a nearly 30 year hiatus.  He volunteers periodically at local races, and otherwise does what he can to support the running community in Asheville.

Jay Harris – Distance Demons Youth Program [contact Jay]

Jay is currently working with the ATC to start a program for young distance runners. He coached middle school cross country for five years and was the race director of an annual 5K exclusively for kids. He has Level 1 coaching certification and “Kid Safe” background clearance from USA Track & Field (USATF). He has coached dozens of kids for various running events, enjoying several state champs and national All-Americans along the way.

Jay volunteers for the Asheville Lightning, a USATF program for young runners, as a summer track (distance) coach. He hopes to spark some “crossover” opportunities between them and the ATC.

Robin Linderman [contact Robin]

After many years of not running Robin Linderman joined the beginners runner program and then became a member of the carrier park runners in 2006.  After a brief set back in 2007, a sudden cardiac arrest, he has completed 5 marathons and many shorter races.  He volunteers at local races and continue to run for fun and health reasons.

Doug Milch DPM [contact Doug ]

Doug is a doctor of Podiatric Medicine. He completed the Boston Marathon at age 20 in 1970 and has been a member of the Asheville Track Club since 1986. He is also a guest columnist for the Asheville Citizen Times.

Sherry Stoneman [contact Sherry]

Sherry is originally from St Petersburg, FL and moved up to the Asheville area in Dec 2009. She has been an administrative assistant for 20+ years for a FL based shoe store. Sherry started running in the Fall 2012 but has already competed in over 200 races. She joined the ATC in Jan 2013 and is the Grand Prix Director, Membership Coordinator and  is in charge of updating the ATC website. When Sherry is not running/working she loves to spend time with her two basset hounds.

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